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Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre


Become a Barista

Learn how to use a coffee machine and gain the confidence to make a great coffee.
No prior experience necessary.

Length: 5 hours - 1 session
Cost: $50

Cooking up Jobs

This workforce development course will help you build employment skills and gain work experience in hospitality as you help make weekly lunches for older community members. 

Length: 90 hours - 9 weeks
Cost: $65

Cooking for the Community

Gain the skills and knowledge to work in a commercial kitchen and front of house in a restaurant or café. This is a practical hands on course where learners gain experience by cooking meals for community members.

Length: 20 hours - 4 weeks
Cost: FREE

Basic Cooking Skills

Improve and develop your cooking skills in
this hands-on cooking class. From pantry to
plate, make and then enjoy a tasty meal, as
you learn different basic cooking techniques.

Length: 12 hours - 4 weeks
Cost: $65

Men: Let Me Teach You to Cook!

This hands-on cooking class will help you build your self esteem and confidence as you prepare simple and nutritious meals for you and your family.

Length: 12 hours - 4 weeks
Cost: $65

Prepare Food Safely

This class is for participants who need assistance completing the online accredited SITXFSA001 'Use hygienic practices for food safety' course.

Length: 15 hours - 5 weeks
Cost: $65

Bite Size Cooking Skills

A hands on course covering the basics of cooking.You will learn key cooking skills in each class.Recipes, lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.

Length: 5 hours - 1 session
Cost: $65

Commercial Kitchen Skills

Gain work experience in our commercial kitchen, a fast paced and demanding environment, with many employment opportunities.

Length: 48 hours - 8 weeks
Cost: $65

Front of House

This program provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent to work in a front of house role in a restaurant, hotel, bar, or café.

Length: 45 hours - 5 weeks
Cost: FREE